How the Famous Business Leaders achieve their success

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Success can be built from a habit. Good habits are carried out continuously making the steps to success easier. Entrepreneurs and successful people always have special habits and methods they usually do. This method helps them prepare themselves for the day and make the body better prepared for success.

Success is not talent, inheritance or luck that has been used as a myth that limits our mindset to success. Getting good luck can be done by making good habits as a lifestyle. Good and repeated habits every day will be the characters that support us to succeed. On a large scale character will become a culture that influences the success of a company or a nation.

Every successful entrepreneur always has a success story that starts with the daily methods they do. There is nothing wrong if we learn from them to be able to imitate their success.

Some of these top-class entrepreneurs, always trying to get themselves ready to welcome the morning with their typical methods. It’s not difficult for them to get up early and do their morning routine. They believe, habits that are built from the morning will affect their overall activities throughout the day. The following are the unique methods of big entrepreneurs in the world that you can emulate and learn.

Mark Zuckerberg (Founder & CEO of Facebook)

The US youth founder of the world’s largest social media has a net worth of 70 billion USD (2019). The biggest source that contributes wealth is of course from the Facebook business. Mark always starts his morning by waking up at 8 so he feels ready for what he might face in the office. Mark has never confused the matter of dress style because his brain only focuses on how his company can develop. Therefore, Mark always uses after clothes with the same color every day.

Simon Cowell (Talent Show Judge, A&R executive, Businessman)

Who doesn’t know this great guy from England? Fans of American Idol talent shows must be familiar with the name Simon Cowell. Yes, this native British entertainment entrepreneur has started his career in this field before reaching so much success. Although it is famous for its spicy comments, its criticism is constructive and enlightening.

Simon has a morning habit by eating healthy foods ranging from papaya juice, warm water with lemon juice, tea, oatmeal and 3 types of smoothies. Not only healthy but also help him relax and make him more focused when working. His success in the entertainment sector led him to become a wealthy businessman with a total income of 570 million US dollars (2019).

Jack Dorsey (Co-founder of Twitter and Square)

Jack Dorsey makes himself always ready to welcome the morning by waking up at 5.30 AM every day. In order to have a calm heart and mind in the face of work, Jack meditates and runs early to get a fit body with a distance of approximately 10 KM.

With good habits and the ability to run the company, Jack managed to collect wealth that reached 5.8 billion US dollars (2019). A fit body can always produce brilliant creative ideas. This can be achieved with early morning habits and regular exercise.

Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group)
This iconic English-born man has a net worth of 4.1 billion USD. One of the biggest companies in the Virgin Air airline. The morning routine is that Richard always swims around his private island or surfing if the morning weather is quite windy. Then his morning activities continued with playing tennis and then breakfast with a special healthy food menu for him. For him to work with a clear mind and a good mood can make him more focused on doing his job.

Tory Burch (Fashion Designer, CEO of Tory Burch LLC)
Entrepreneurs who are engaged in this fashion start the day by always waking up at 5.45. his unique habit is that he always opens his e-mails first, especially those related to his work and business. Emails that are considered important will be prioritized to be executed first so that it will facilitate the work.

Then, Tory continued his morning activities by waking his children, then doing sports on brisk walking for about 45 minutes. His habits and perseverance led him to a pocket wealth of up to 1.1 billion.

The Key of Success

Discipline and Abstinence is the key. Applying a disciplined attitude since starting to wake up in the morning. Almost all of them start their days from 4-5 in the morning. Therefore, start to make your daily schedule, do positive habits that can help you achieve success faster. Remember, there is no success for those who are late in starting their days.

Wealth and success cannot be achieved only with dreams and dreams. Courage and unyielding attitude are the attitudes that every entrepreneur needs. Time management and productive habits done by employers so far will help us reach our goals in a faster way.

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