The Truth about How the Rich People Think

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Steve Siebold spent 26 years interviewing some of the richest people in the world before concluding his findings in a book titled “How Rich People Think.”

He found that the secret to being rich “is not in the mechanism of money, but in the level of thinking that produces it.”

Besides having a larger bank account balance than most people, rich people have different beliefs, philosophies, and strategies. According to Siebold, there are many ways for rich people to view the world differently from ordinary people.

Rich people believe that being rich is a right. While most people view that being rich is a privilege. “World-class thinkers know that in a capitalist country they have the right to get rich if they are willing to create great value for others,” Siebold wrote.

While most people think that ‘rich people’ are only provided for some lucky people. “They believe that by being rich they can make other people’s lives better or easier, it is their right to be rich”

Rich people believe starting a business is the fastest way to make money. While most people believe that starting a business is risky. “Actually, having a job isn’t safer than having a business,” Siebold argued. Of course, there is a risk in starting a business, but rich people “know the biggest risk is not a bet on themselves,” Siebold said.

While rich people launch businesses and benefit from them, the average person is satisfied with a fixed salary and therefore loses the opportunity to make a lot of money, he said. “They settled on a small salary and an annual salary increase.”

Rich people believe that rich people are clever. While most people believe rich people are smarter. “If the key to building wealth is a very good value in school, every summa cum laude college graduate will be rich,” Siebold said.
How do you become smarter? Get into the heads of people who are already wealthy, Siebold suggests, and find out what they think and believe about money.

Rich people believe that building wealth requires a team. While the average person believes in building wealth is an individual effort. “Successful entrepreneurs know very well that they need a team to build wealth. And they focus a lot on finding the right people to take advantage of their actions and ideas,” Siebold wrote. The greatest wealth is built through the collective mental and physical contributions of world-class teams.

Rich people believe making money is simple. While the average person believes making money is complicated. “Most people believe that rich people are smarter, luckier or educated. The truth is these things are not 100% true,” Siebold said.

Rich people know that money flows from ideas and problem solving, he wrote. “The bigger the solution, the bigger the salary,” he said.

“Making money may not be easy, but it’s simple. There is no mystery to being rich, but this limiting belief makes most people never try.”

Rich people believe that money is obtained through thinking. While the average person believes that money is obtained from time and labor. The middle class thinks of money linearly, Siebold explains, and “believe the only way to get more money is to work more time.” “People who know big money need non-linear thinking about it,” he wrote.

“Rich people know that creative thinking is the highest paid skill in the world. Training your mind to find solutions to difficult problems is the real secret of making money.” The rich believe that money is liberal. While the average person believes that money is controlled. “Rich people see money as a positive tool that has the power to create freedom and opportunity for themselves and their families,” Siebold explained. On the contrary, the average person sees money as a “great oppressor,” he wrote.

Rich people believe that they work to make ends meet. While the average person believes that they work for money.

“Rich people always know working for the purpose of making money is the worst strategy for building wealth,” Siebold said.

Don’t look for a job with the greatest potential salary, he advises. Instead, “focus on work that has the most fulfillment potential. Once you find it, invest so much heart and soul into your work that you become one of the most competent people in your field. You will be rewarded with unusual wealth.”

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