The Benefits of Social Media Detox

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Social media has become a daily meal that cannot be separated from millennials aka the current generation. In addition to keeping you connected with friends and family wherever they are, social media is also a place to get the latest information and trends. But are you aware that it is better for us to take a break from social media, aka social media detox?

Detox social media is a short break from all activities on social media and diverts itself with other activities. Not only the body that needs a detox from food, but it turns out our souls also need to do social media detox for mental health. Because besides having a positive impact above, social media also has a negative effect if used excessively.

Here are the signs of people who need social media detox
Wake up immediately check the smartphone
What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Pray? Sports? Read a book or newspaper? But, if the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning is to check your mobile to see each of your social media or social media accounts and all the notifications, fix you need a detox social media.

The closest people feel ignored because of social media
You receive lots of complaints or complaints from friends, friends or even your own family because you often ignore them for scrolling social media on your cell phone. Especially when you’re gathering, it’s not uncommon for you to prefer to play mobile rather than chat.

The reason is for the sake of your social media content. Besides being not ethically justified, your behavior will eventually have an adverse effect on your personal relationships because you consider their existence to be insignificant.

Envy and compare your life with others on social media
Hayo, do you also feel the same thing or not? FOMO, jealousy or jealousy and comparing your life with others on social media is the curse of the lives of Millenials! Do you feel jealous or jealous of someone’s perfect life when opening their social media account?

Or do you feel that your life is really unlucky and meaningless compared to the people in Social Media? In fact, you do not know the reality of their actual lives which may not be better than you.

Stalking on social media is a hobby
You’re one of them right? Stalking someone else’s social media account can be a hobby for people who are active in social media. And the funny thing is, usually we will stalking accounts of unknown people who have never even talked in the real world. But it turns out the effect can actually give birth to competition and ultimately make you feel lonely instead.

In addition, we know more about the lives of people through social media accounts than the lives of those closest to us. If your hobby is already in a dangerous stage, maybe it’s time for you to detox social media.

Spend time sharing your life on social media
You are too busy and spend time just to share your life on social media. You can’t stop sharing your activities with the world on your social media account. Starting from waking up, having breakfast, OOTD alias clothes choices, and almost all of your activities are posted on your social media account.

Not only that, but you are also busy thinking about making the best caption or pose to attract attention, aka to like, share or comment from your followers.

You have Nomophobia
Yes, nomophobia is a fear syndrome if you don’t have a cellphone or access to a cellphone. You are one of them? For you, cellphones are things that must be near you 24/7.

As if there is a magnet attached to the object, you feel uneasy, worried and confused when your favorite cellphone or laptop isn’t there. In the dictionary of your life, it must be there and not be left behind.

Always check cellphones. Every time!
You can’t stop to check your cellphone just to see your timeline or your social media notifications. You don’t care about the time and place to check this phone. When working, eating, watching movies, hanging out with friends, you always see the cellphone many times. Until sometimes you feel your phone vibrate and rush to open the cellphone but apparently, there is no new activity whatsoever.

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