How the successful people manage their time

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Successful people are people who can make the most of their time. Because they realize the time is proportional to the money generated. They always focus on how to optimize their time. However, not infrequently many people who do not understand this.

It’s possible, you are not yet one of these people. But not to worry, you still have a chance to change for the better and become a successful person. You may delay, but time will not. These words were uttered by Benjamin Franklin, one of the fathers of the American nation, as an expression of how time would go on.

Yes, 24 hours this time won’t be the same as tomorrow. Not a few of us may undergo every day in a monotonous cycle. Get up early, go to the office, then go home. In between all the activities, have you ever questioned whether everything you do is suitable?

Before starting the day, Bill Gates also routinely asked himself, “If tomorrow is the last day of my life’s fate, what activity this time do I want to do?”. If you answered “no” to that question, maybe your daily habits must be changed. Under the routine some successful people you can imitate.

Starting from Morning

Do not have time to underestimate the advice, “If you wake up later in the day you will pat the chicken” because that factor is proven. Continue to wake up in the morning, you will continue to not a few factors you can do. Benjamin Franklin himself started the day since five o’clock in the morning. This factor is not only proven by Franklin. Successful people like Margaret Thatcher, Haruki Murakami, and Robert Iger are also early risers.

Franklin was accustomed to starting his morning with breakfast, planning a day’s activities, and thinking about solving problems. Breakfast can divide full energy to be more productive in the next 24 hours. Als,o add exercise as a stage of your morning.

Barrack Obama in his biography Dreams for My Father said that he routinely runs at least four kilometers every day. Another study reinforces the statement of the number one person in the US that exercise after getting out of bed and on an empty stomach is faster to burn fat, tighten muscles, and increase stamina throughout the day.

They understand that time will be wasted with little things that are not useful. Successful people focus on actions so they get big things.

Working Time Discipline

Successful people realize that they are not the best at everything. So they find a way to find the best people to do their job. They use the knowledge and abilities of others to more effectively solve problems and get lots of time.

The first thing David Karp, founder of Tumblr, did before he started working was to open an e-mail. That way, you will know what must be ended that day.

Train your discipline to concentrate on getting work done routinely. Define the objectives that must be terminated. Not only that, routinely consider the conditions you need to work. Many people think doing activities simultaneously is a good thing. Successful people don’t think that way. They think of increasing efficiency by focusing on one task well before going to another job

Self-facilitation with technology that helps you be more effective in creating a variety of professional activities. If Katie Rae, Managing Director of TechStars Boston, routinely uses a recording device to help her work, you can use the device to regularly update the latest information and help generate innovative ideas.

Successful people believe that a big barrier causes frustration. So, even successful people make a large wall or barrier into debris. They believe that consistency makes the most of their time spent on achieving big goals.

Balance is the key

According to research by the American Psychological Association, the most suitable activities for relaxing at night include reading, listening to music, spending time with friends and family, aka making a hobby that you like.

Don’t forget to close your day by evaluating all the factors that occur during the day. Benjamin Franklin regularly writes journals to record all his daily activities. If you don’t like writing, nowadays you can find gadgets that can easily share the errand facilities easily. Your notes can also be suggestions for dealing with problems in the future.

Finally, make sure you have enough sleep. Body health expert Shawn Stevenson recommends going to sleep from 10 pm to 6 am. This sleep pattern can be regulated in a flexible way, but try to sleep before midnight and wake up early to maximize energy. Do not forget to keep some distractions before bedtime like what Sheryl Sanberg, COO Facebook did, for more valuable sleep.

Begin using the 24-hour time available to be more effective and efficient. See the difference in productivity as well as your fate. With the value of a better day, then your life satisfaction level can continue to grow.

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